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Curriculum Vitae for John O'Sullivan (2010)

This post supplements comments made in Section 3.2 "Co-Founder and CEO John O'Sullivan" of the post "SpotlightOn - PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd." (

"The struggle for truth continues" 
John Anthony O'Sullivan

"A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”
Winston Churchill

(see Appendix D for older updates)

2014-07-01 Added Appendix A, Note 7) concerning John O'Sullivan's questionable claims relating to membership of the New York County Lawyers Association (NYCLA).
2014-06-26 Added Appendix A, Note 6) concerning the "proposal to strike off" John O'Sullivan's company PSI Acumen Ltd.
2014-01-20 Added Appendix A, Note 3b) concerning John O'Sullivan's questionable claim to have been employed as a Freelance Writer and Legal Analyst in New York and UK during 2009 while at the same time advertising that he was available in South Wales to teach GCSE subjects.
2014-04-13 Added Appendix C "Related Articles" with links to other articles in which misleading claims by John O'Sullivan are discussed.

Notes (highlighted in red within the CV) providing related information can be found in Appendix A.

Curriculum Vitae (Note 1)
John O’Sullivan
.. ...... ...., ......, ....., W. Glamorgan, ... ...
  Tel: 01792 ......
Email: john0sullivan@.........

OBJECTIVE: Feature Writer: Law journalism


I have over 60 published articles word-wide related to legal issues of corrupt practice amongst government climate scientists. Most noticeably my commentary and legal analysis features in the “National Review,” America’s most popular an influential magazine for political news, commentary and opinion.

Other prominent credits includes my legal analysis of the “Climategate” controversy published in ‘China Daily.’ The Number One English portal in China, as well as ‘India Times,’ the prime source of business news in India.


State University of New York (SUNY), Bachelor’s Degree in International and Comparative Law (2004-2007); (Note 2a and 2b)

Leicester University, UK (1995-2000) Doctoral Degree in Education Management and Leadership (combined M.Phil.); (Note 2b)

Brighton Polytechnic, UK (1985-7): Post-graduate Certificate in Education (PGCE); (Note 2c)

West Surrey College of Art & Design, UK (1981-84): Bachelors First Degree: Fine Art & Art History; (Note 2c)

Alfred Sutton Boys’ School (1972-80): 3 ‘A’ Levels (English, History, Art); 8 O-levels.


2005-present: Freelance Writer and Legal Analyst (New York and UK); (Notes 2a and 3)

2004-present: Legal Commentator and Advocate in the New York State Supreme Court and US Federal Court (2nd Circuit); (Note 2a and 3)

2004-2007: Substitute and Home School Teacher, Delaware Co. New York State; (Note 2a and 3)

2000-2004: School Teacher (p/t) for Suffolk and Norfolk LEA’s; (Note 4 and 4a)

1998-2000: School Teacher (p/t) Benjamin Britten High School, Lowestoft, Suffolk; (Note 4 and 4c)

1993-97: School Teacher (f/t): Thomas Mills High School, Framlingham, Suffolk; (Note 4 and 4b)

1985-93: School Teacher (f/t): Robert Smythe Upper School, Market Harborough, Leics. (Note 4 and 4a)



Experienced legal advocate in New York Human Rights laws, Mandamus petitions, appeals, NYS employment law, civil and criminal (Note 3, Paras. 4 and 5).

I have successfully progressed a human rights employment case through the New York State courts and the United States Federal Court (2nd Division).

Author of two factual novels concerning government corruption and malfeasance of public office.

Arts and culture, law, sport, politics, environment, science

Mark Fleming, former employer ( (Note 5) 

James Delingpole, Daily Telegraph

Personal Referee: .... .......



1) This CV is provided in support of information presented in the article “SpotlightOn – PSI and PSI Acumen Ltd." Section 3.2 Co-Founder and CEO ( That article provides transparency about the blogging group Principia Scientific International run by John Anthony O'Sullivan and about the UK private limited company which he registered on 4th March 2013 (PSI was then declared to be a "subsidiary" of PSI Acumen Ltd, but see Note 6 for more on PSI Acumen Ltd).

The CV has been transcribed from photographs attached to an E-mail received on 28th/29th June 2012 from John O’Sullivan’s second wife Barbara Bracci-O'Sullivan. It appears that the CV was submitted along with a job application to in March 2010 ( - see Appendix B below.

During 2011 retired New York investigative journalist Andrew Skolnick and others started enquiring about the claims made in John’s various web-profiles. A relevant article was published by New Zealand fruit farmer Gareth Renowden on his “Hot Topic” blog. It featured John in “SO MANY LIES – AND THE LIAR WHO TELLS THEM” ( One of Andrew’s comments there is pertinent. “ .. It’s really amazing how O’Sullivan’s many online resumes and profiles contradict each other. . ”.

One of the claims repeatedly made was that John O'Sullivan was a resident of New Your state

2) Several of the claims about education in this CV conflict with equivalent claims made in John O’Sullivan’s various profile entries as well as with what some previously close associates of his have said.

2a) The impression given in several of these entries is that John O'Sullivan was resident in New York State during the period 2004-2010. This conflicts with his own claim of 15th March 2010 that " .. Here in South Wales, where I have lived since last summer with my new love .. " (see Appendix B). He claimed that during 2004-7 he was studying at State University of New York while simultaneously being a " ..Substitute and Home School Teacher, Delaware Co. New York State .. ". Not only that but he claimed to be a Freelance Writer and Legal Analyst in New York and the UK and a " .. Legal Commentator and Advocate in the New York State Supreme Court and US Federal Court .. " until 2010.

Those claims also conflict with what his wife (who lives in New York State) has advised, in that John was not there during those years. She said that they married there on 1st Jan, 1998, John staying for almost a year before returning to the UK and that other than for one vacation in Florida John has not been back to the USA in all those years. She also advised recently (26th June 2013) that he had purchased his present UK home in  2006.

2b) Neither of these claims to significant educational achievements is mentioned in John O'Sullivan’s profile on LinkedIn ( or anywhere else that I could find!

In support of his 2011/12  New York County Lawyers Association (NYCLA) membership (Note 7) John O'Sullivan claimed that he studied law at  “Law School – University of Surrey/Hill .. Date Graduated - 01/2010 .. ”. There is an Internet organisation calling itself “Hill University” which will apparently send its “life-experience” degrees within two weeks to anyone who pays the $500 fee. Hill University is one of 26 “ .. fake college websites .. ” listed as a “Diploma Mill” ( More on this can be found in the articles:
"Bogus Law and Journalism Credentials of Sky Dragon Slayer Author John O'Sullivan" ( and
"Affidavits in Michael Mann Libel Suit Reveal Astonishing Facts About Tim Ball Associate John O'Sullivan" ( or

In June 2012 John’s wife advised that “ .. I had also come across a certificate from Hill University online which gave diplomas out according to life experience as well as education so that is where he obtained a so called Law Degree .. ”. In July 2012 she explained that “ .. I first heard of John being a successful litigator and that he had a law degree .. when Ian Phillips read of Johns credentials to the people attending the meeting .. When John and I returned .. I called him out on how he mislead everyone especially Ian Phillips on his true credentials. I said to John flat out you and I both know you dont have a law degree. John got really upset and said oh yes I do would you like see? I said yes go on and show it to me. John went in the other room came back with a legal size envelope pulled out what appeared to be diploma from Hill University .. ”.

(During November 2011 John’s wife had accompanied him and PSI’s CFO Hans Schreuder to attended a meeting in Harbertonford, Devon in support of objections to the erection of wind mills in the area. Organiser Ian Phillips had been made aware by PSI’s Compliance Officer, Philip Foster, of the involvement of John and Hans in the issue  - see

Why would someone who had earned a Bachelor’s Degree in International and Comparative Law from SUNY after completing studies there in 2007 claim in his NYCLA profileo have studied Law at University of Surrey/Hill and have qualified in Jan. 2010?

During mid-2011 Andrew Skolnick participated in exchanges on Professor Judith Curry’s “Climate etc.” blog (and elsewhere) repeatedly asking John to substantiate his claims about qualifications in Law. These claims were also questioned during E-mail exchanges with the “Slayers”/PSI group from September – December 2011 ( during which John claimed:
- “ .. I studied law at the university of Surrey from 1979-82 .. ”,
- “ .. I earned my law degree from University of Surrey in 1982 .. ”,
- “ .. The Law School at the University of Surrey provided me with training in English law, not American. I more recently obtained certification in U.S. criminal law .. ”.

NB: According to this CV John studied at the West Surrey College of Art and Design (not the University if Surrey) during 1981-84 and earned a Bachelors First Degree: Fine Art and Art History (not a Law degree) there.

During those exchanges he was asked “ .. Now explain to us why your provisional membership application to the New York County Lawyers' Association -- which is ONLY open to recent law school graduates -- says you received your law degree in January 2010 .. ”. John never responded with an answer to that question or substantiation of any of the questionable claims that he was asked about.

2c) The dates provided conflict with those given in John's  LinkedIn page.

3) John claimed in the CV to have worked in New York State between 2004 and 2010. His NYCLA profile claimed “Home Address PO Box 65 .. Delhi .. NY .. 13753 .. Telephone 607-437-5552 .. Company / Firm Info .. Principla Scientific International .. PO Box 62 .. Delhi .. NY .. 13753 .. Telephone 607-437-5552 .. ”. NYCLA sent his letter of acceptance dated 28th October 2011 to the PO Box 65 address. Until recently his LinkedIn  page said “ .. John O'Sullivan CEO of Principia Scientific International Albany, New York Area .. ” (although by the 27th May 2013 it acknowledged that PSI is located in the UK).

All of that conflicts with what his wife (a New York State resident) said about his period of residence in New York State being only for one year from Dec. 1997 (see Note 2a). At the end of June 2012 she said ..  I only lived here in Delhi New York with John during the first year of our marriage. As soon as immigration allowed him leave he did so. He has never been here or lived in New York since .. ”. It appears that apart from that one year in the USA John O’Sullivan has lived in the UK.

On 23 Dec 2011 this questionable claim was drawn to the attention of John O'Sullivan and the rest of the PSI "executive" and John was asked about it. " .. It’s surprising then to find that John’s New York County Lawyers Association profile states that PSI is located in Delhi, New York, ZIP Code 13753, Phone’ 607-437-5552 FAX 607-434-4345. It’s equally surprising that the postal address (PO Box 62) John gives is the same as that of Second Nature Construction, Inc. 74 Main Street, P.O. Box 62, Delhi, New York 13753 ( Any of you remaining “Slayers” heard of Second Nature Construction? Would you like to explain this further puzzle John? .. " ( Over two years later there has still been no explanation given!

Contrary to what his wife Barbara said about him not residing in the USA after 1998/9 John O'Sullivan was claiming to be a resident of New York state in 2005. At that time he was giving assistance from the UK to his wife Barbara in New York state with her "pro se" legal action against the NYS Correction Service. His "blogger" profile claims that he has been " .. On Blogger since November 2005  .. Long suffering victim of injustice; a Brit married to a yank; with a love of freedom of speech and democracy .. Occupation Lobbyist against Spitzer Location Delhi, New York, United States Interests Seeking Justice for the brutal rape of my wife; exposing corrupt attorney generals .. Favourite Books The one I want thrown at Eliot Spitzer .. " (

That reference to Spitzer is to " .. Politician, attorney and former Governor of New York Eliot Laurence Spitzer .. " ( at that time was NYS Attorney General. During 2005 - 2009 John O'Sullivan posted numerous rants against Spitzer and about his wife's case. Several articles were posted on his "Exposing Spitzer" blog ( and elsewhere:
etc. etc. etc.

As recently as June 2009 John O'Sullivan was still claiming to be a resident of Delhi, NYS, even suggesting that he was a citizen of New York. He blogged that " .. Like a lot of other citizens in New York, we have learned that New York State doesn’t respect the people’s Fourteenth Amendment rights to due process or a fair hearing ..(

In July 2009 he even spammed the Wall Street Journal's Law Blog, introducing himself as " .. an advocate currently fighting to uphold the principles of due process in a most disturbing case .. " (

Following Professor Judith Curry's article "Letter to the dragon slayers" the comment was made that " .. On September 30, 2009 the claim by the O’Sullivans .. that representatives of various state agencies continue to wrongfully withhold personal property belonging to claimant Barbara Bracci-O’Sullivan consisting of seven microcassette tapes that she submitted to authorities in connection with prior unrelated legal proceedings .. was dismissed. It appears that John O’Sullivan’s efforts as “advocate” in US courts on this case .. litigating for over a decade in the New York State courts .. could hardly be considered an astounding success .. " (

3a) As mentioned in Note 1 it seems that this CV was written in early 2010. It appears that his "employment" during 2010 and 2011 may have been as a contributor of articles to the Suite101 blogging platform. That came to an end on 2nd November 2011 when John O'Sullivan announced that " .. my employment with my publishers, Suite101 was terminated today without prior notice or explanation and all my articles published over a two-year period with them are now removed from the Internet .. " ( Although John O'Sullivan's profile has been removed from the Suite101 web-site there is a September 2012 archive of it at That profile simply describes him as a contributor rather than an employee.

Rather than referring to themselves as "publishers", the Suite101 team says " .. We're a small, passionate team of engineers, designers, writers and talkers who thrive on building simple, unobtrusive solutions to difficult problems .. " (

3b) In July 2009 an advertisement was posted on the "Local Tutor" web-site " .. Neath Port Talbot English Science Maths Art Tutor .. 

Tutors Profile: Male high school teacher with over 20 years of experience able to tutor students in a broad range of subjects up to GCSE standard. Flexible hours to suit. John0Sullivan .. Aug 25, 2009broad range of secondary subjects offered up to GCSE level

Availabilityflexible day/eve Subjects TaughtENGLISH SCIENCE MATHS ART TUTOR (

The date of this advertisement appears to match John O'Sullivan's comment when applying in March 2010 for a post as Feature Writer in South Wales in which he said " .. Here in South Wales, where I have lived since last summer with my new love .. " (see Appendix B "So you want to be a journalist in South Wales?").

On the other hand there appears to something of a mismatch with his CV claim to have been employed during this time as a Legal Commentator and Advocate in the New York State Supreme Court and US Federal Court (2nd Circuit) as well as a Freelance Writer and Legal Analyst in New York and UK.

4) John O'Sullivan has claimed on his LinkedIN page to have been " .. Lecturer University of Northampton .. September 1987 – August 1999 (12 years) .. " ( but see NB below). That does conflict with the claims in his 2010 CV for the period 1995 – 2000 to have been a school teacher full time at Robert Smythe Upper School, Market Harborough, Leics; Thomas Mills High School, Framlingham, Suffolk and part time at Benjamin Britten High School, Lowestoft, Suffolk. More about that is presented in the article “SpotlightOn – Principia Scientific International” Appendix A, Note 9 in  ( and E-mails of 30th Nov. 2012, 5th Dec. 2012 (

Although John’s claims in his CV about employment during 1995 - 1999 clash with his claims elsewhere they do agree to some extent with what close associates of his have said about his employment during that period (other than the implication of continuity of employment). In July 2012 John’s wife provided a summary of all jobs that she was aware of which John had held since she’d known him: 
- Supply Teacher for County of Suffolk, England, 1996-1999,
- Employed to sell art work for an art gallery in Wrentham, England, 1996-1997, 
- Chicken plucker at a chicken factory outside Lowestoft, England in 2001,
- Supply Teacher for County of Norfolk, England, 2001-2003.

In June 2012 another close associate of John O'Sullivan's advised that he never lectured at Northampton University/Nene College from September 1987 – August 1999 (see also Note 4a). He taught at Robert Smythe High School, Market Harborough from pre-1987 until 1992 and did no more teaching until 1995 when a friend found him another job which he did for one year only.

NB: As at 2012-12-14 John O'Sullivan's LinkedIN page had been modified, the claim made since at least 2011-07-03 to have been a "Lecturer University of Northampton .. September 1987 – August 1999 (12 years) .. " has been replaced with the entry "Nene College (University of Northampton) Lecturer" ( It is worth noting that the claims made in July 2011 to be a " .. Legal Consultant at Pearlman Lindholm" and " .. a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) .. " have also been retracted.

John O'Sullivan still claims that he " .. is litigating in two high-profile international lawsuits involving climatologists, Dr Michael Mann and Dr Tim Ball .. ". That is despite an E-mail that Dr. Ball is claimed to have sent on 26th April 2012 (Ccd to Dr. S. Fred Singer " .. Professor Emeritus of environmental sciences at the University of Virginia .. " ( Dr. Ball says of PSI's "CEO and Legal Consultant" " .. I was made aware of the charges against O'Sullivan almost from the start .. I legally disassociated myself from O'Sullivan very early .. " (for the complete E-mail see

The validity of John O'Sullivan's membership of the New York County Lawyers Association (NYCLA) has been questioned by retired New York investigative journalist Andrew Skolnick (see "Bogus Law and Journalism Credentials of Sky Dragon Slayer Author John O'Sullivan" - In July 2012 Desmogblog featured an article "Affidavits in Michael Mann Libel Suit Reveal Astonishing Facts About Tim Ball Associate John O'Sullivan" ( and provided links to two of the three submissions that Andrew Skolnick has made to the Supreme Court of British Columbia there the Mann v Ball defamation case is being heard. This article was simultaneously featured in the Huffington Post ( John O'Sullivan's hasty response to that article appeared in his own blog article "DeSmogblog Fail with Pop Gun Character Assassination Ploy (

4a) In June 2012 his wife advised that in 1991 John and his first wife lived in Market Harborough, Leicestershire and that John had been teaching night courses nearby. It appears that after obtaining his PGCE in Art from Brighton Polytechnic John taught Art at Robert Smythe Upper School until 1992 and may have done some evening lecturing of further education students at Nene College about 20 miles away ( This was a college of further education at that time, not being granted powers to award undergraduate degrees until 1993 and didn't become University College of Northampton until 1999 (, 6 years after John and his first wife had left the area to move to Suffolk.

In Nov. 2012 Andrew Skolnick made enquiries of The University of Northampton about John O'Sullivan's claim to have been a lecturer there from September 1987 to August 1999. He advised me that this was how the University responded in their E-mail of 22nd Nov. 2012 QUOTE: .. 

Dear Mr Skolnick Thank you for your enquiry which has been passed to me as the University Records Manager for reply. Firstly may I point out that this institution has only been known as the University of Northampton since 2005.  During the timeframes given 1987-1999 we were known as Nene College (becoming University College Northampton for a period between 1999 and 2005).

Checks have been carried out in our Human Resource records and within our archive holdings, and the University has no record of a Mr John A. O’Sullivan being employed by the University.  For the sake of completeness we also carried out searches on records for individuals named J O’Sullivan, John Sullivan, J Sullivan and Mr O’Sullivan and we can confirm that no individuals with those names had a full time contract with us during the years specified.

There is a very slight possibility that Mr O’Sullivan might have had a casual staff contract during the times mentioned but discussions have taken place with staff who were employed during the dates given (not just in the Law faculty but also in the Library and IT departments) and no-one has any recollection of anyone bearing his name.  Additionally a book (An Ever Rolling Stream) published by our predecessor body outlining the history of Higher Education in the Town gives lists of all staff employed by the College at the time of publication (1989) and Mr O’Sullivan does not appear in any of theses lists.

If you have contact details for Mr O’Sullivan we would be grateful if you could share them with the University because we would like to investigate the issue further with a view to deciding on any legal action.

Thank you for bringing this matter to our attention .. UNQUOTE.

4b) Although this CV entry claims that John taught full time at Thomas Mills High School from 1993-97, in a June 2012 E-mail John’s wife said that he was employed at " .. Thomas mills high school from 95-96 .. " after which he did only supply teaching. Another associate of John's confirmed that John had worked at Thomas Mills in the mid 1990s for a year or so.

5) Referee Mark Fleming was apparently co-owner of the blog ( with Jim deYong, for whom John O'Sullivan wrote articles. The 28th Jan 2010 article "Climategate Professor Phil Jones could face ten years on fraud charges"  article by John O'Sullivan was loaded with enough legal terminology to give the mistaken impression that John O'Sullivan was a lawyer ( John O'Sullivan commented later that " .. I’d also love being a young and ambitious lawyer looking to make his mark now- the opportunities for class action suits are enormous in this scandal. Now I’m retired I see my role as campaigner, organiser and commentator on the issues. I’ll stand back with the rest of you and let the young hacks fight the courtroom battles as I commentate gleefully from the sidelines .. ".

Some may have mistakenly understood from that comment that John O'Sullivan had retired from a career as a lawyer (see also Note 3) when in fact he had been a high-school art teacher whose career had come to an abrupt end in 2003/4. As he said in Dec. 2011 " .. In 2003 my second wife Barbara (from NY) .. started fostering a problem teenager .. She was a sociopath who stole from us, smeared our names and made numerous accusations against us .. one of her false allegations was that I made sexual advances to her and she reported it to the police .. I was maliciously prosecuted .. But the whole thing was a pack of lies .. I conducted my own defense with the aid of a newly qualified barrister. I was acquitted on all six charges. Nonetheless, by then the matter had ruined my teaching/lecturing career .. I never forgave Barbara for the mess .. " (

In John O'Sullivan's own comment following "Climategate Professor Phil Jones could face ten years on fraud charges" he linked to his related article "Prosecutor humiliated in Climategate U-turn:charges “tainted”. That article too was loaded with legalese, with John O'Sullivan commenting " .. Anything less than I am demanding is either nonfeasance or malfeasance .. ". Two comments later someone claiming to be " .. Mrs J O'Sullivan says: .. John as one once told you it is illegal to practice law in the US without a license .. " ( His wife has said that she did not write that comment and there was no response from John O'Sullivan to it!

Interestingly, in a "PSI and Due Diligence" E-mail on 8th Jan 2011 to John O'Sullivan and the rest of his "Slayers"/PSI blogging group I asked " .. If anyone has any further information on DeYong or Flemming then I’d appreciate it .. I like to know as much as possible about those with whom I exchange opinions on this vexed issue" ( Despite having been a former employee John O'Sullivan chose to ignore my request but I did find this

6) PSI Acumen Ltd. was registered on 4th March 2013 and by June 2014 the Companies House register was showing the PSI Acumen Ltd. status to be "Active - Proposal to Strike off".  A GAZ1 notice dated 1st July 2014 was posted on PSIA's filing history maintained at Companies House. The GAZ1, addressed to the Registered Office of PSIA states that " .. 01/07/2014 COMPANIES ACT 2006 (Section 1000) The REGISTRAR OF COMPANIES gives NOTICE that, unless cause is shown to the contrary, at the expiration of 3 months from the above date the name of PSI ACUMEN LTD will be struck off the register and the company will be dissolved .. ".  A notification was posted in the 1st July 2014 issue of  the London Gazette.

The Registrar can strike a company off the register on his own initiative for several reasons including that:

- he has not received documents from a company that should have sent them to him,
- mail that the registrar has sent to a company's registered office is returned undelivered.

Both of these reasons might apply in this particular case because the PSIA register shows that :
- " .. Next Return Due: 01/04/2014 OVERDUE .. " and

- an address for PSIA's Registered Office of a property which was his home address until it was sold under threat of repossession in January 2014.

This is reminiscent of the company WEBANGLIA.COM LIMITED that John O' Sullivan owned from 2000 which was struck off and dissolved in 2004 (see Appendix C of

7) In Mid-July 2011 John O’Sullivan was claiming on his LinkedIN profile to be “ ,, a member of the American Bar Association .. currently litigating in two high-profile climate science lawsuits. He acts as Consultant to prominent Canadian law firm, Pearlman Lindholm, Vancouver, Canada”. These and other misleading claims were challenged by retired investigative journalist Andrew Skolnick, a resident of New York State ( and Andrew Skolnick pointed out that John O’Sullivan was merely an associate member of the ABA (which apparently is available to anyone who pays the fee) and was never employed by Pearlman Lindholm, simply giving advice to his close associate Dr. Tim Ball who was also a client of theirs. 

It was after those disclosures by Andrew Skolnick that John O’Sullivan applied for membership of the NYCLA, using questionable claims about his legal qualifications, his place of residence and the location of his “company/firm” Principia Scientific International (more realistically a blog rather than a company). He then updated his LinkedIN page to read “ .. Legal Advocate: Member of the New York County Lawyers Association (NYCLA); currently litigating in high-profile libel lawsuits involving climatologists, Dr Michael Mann and Dr Tim Ball .. ” but now with no suggestion of employment with Pearlman and Lindholm, only “ .. litigating .. ”. 

Andrew Skolnick then brought the questionable nature of John O’Sullivan’s acceptance for membership to the attention of the NYCLA. According to an anonymous source in December 2012 “ .. After it was brought to the attention of the NYCLA about O'Sullivan's actual credentials, his membership was withdrawn .. ” (

On 1st July 2014 Toni Valenti, NYCLA Director of Marketing and Membership Development, confirmed that Mr. O’Sullivan was no longer a member. Despite this John O’Sullivan continues to mislead by claiming membership (e.g. see, and

John O’Sullivan has been making questionable claims about his legal qualifications, experience and place of residence for years since he started trolling the Internet in mid-2009 (e.g. see:

As a consequence others have been misled into believing that he is a qualified lawyer who has practised in both the USA and the UK. For example his GooglePlus profile claims “Science writer and legal advocate .. John O'Sullivan LLB, BA (Hon), PGCE, .. litigating for over a decade in the New York State courts and U.S. Federal 2nd Circuit .. ” (, His 10-years of litigating in the USA appears to have simply been giving lay assistance by E-mail from the UK in two sets of actions in the USA:

Appendix B - So You Want to Be a Journalist in South Wales?

MARCH 15, 2010 · 9:02 PM

Well, as some of you may know, the demise of has come as an unexpected blow. Like a lot of middle-aged men I’m back foraging in the employment cattle market itching to get myself out of this enforced hiatus.

Here in South Wales, where I have lived since last summer with my new love, jobs in journalism are few and far between. But I shall give it a good crack, as they say. Here’s a copy of my latest submission:

Dear Mr. XXXXXX,

Re: Feature Writer Post

Having seen your vacancy advertised online at ‘HoldtheFrontPage’ I would be most grateful if you would consider me as a genuine candidate for the position of Feature Writer.

I have lately enjoyed international success as an Internet journalist and I am most keen to broaden my experience and take my career to the next level here in Wales. Although I have arrived late to journalism, after 20 years of pursuing the mundane life of a classroom teacher and college lecturer, I have already shown my mettle working to the highest standards and to precise deadlines.

Just to illustrate the very wide scope of my work may I urge that you peruse Google by inputting the search term, ‘John O’Sullivan climate’ and you will find me extensively among over 270,000 web page impressions (0.23 seconds).

My articles may be found all over the world in diverse national publications from Britain’s ‘The Sun’

through to the ‘India Times’

as well as the vast readership of  ‘China Daily,’ where in the following article I displayed thoroughness and diligence in summarising a highly technical ground-breaking scientific paper:

You will also find me in America’s world famous ‘National Review’

Despite having no formal training in journalism, I have been successful through hard work and determination in making the most of my talents. I also possess considerable life experience so that I hope you may see me as your ideal choice for a “ first class feature writer brimming with ideas and enthusiasm with the ability to deliver eye-catching copy to deadline in a broad range of styles.”

Since settling in South Wales last Summer I have sought a post in the established mainstream media where I aim to secure a foothold for myself in my newly chosen career. Having perused, many times to get a better feel for what others are contributing, I firmly believe there exists a niche for me to bring something unique.

When the ‘Climategate’ scandal first broke I threw myself into proving my potential and I grew to be recognised as an adept commentator. I have been fortunate to form productive associations, not just with eminent international scientists, but also among respected figures such as the BBC’s senior environment correspondent, Roger Harrabin. I proudly claim to have also collaborated with the Daily Telegraph’s James Delingpole on bringing several scoops to the mainstream media.

In addition, I have further influential contacts that have assisted me in corresponding with, as well as getting important stories, from Climate Minister, Joan Ruddock as well as the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO). With the support of scientists within the climate sceptic community I took up a liaison role with the BBC’s Roger Harrabin’s to better inform the questions for the groundbreaking scoop of the Professor Phil Jones interview.

In the few months since the rumpus of the climate scandal I have gone on to be credited for coining the terms ‘Inquirygate,’ ‘Czechgate’ and ‘Australiagate’ that have become part of common usage.

But I must emphasise I have no scientific background, just a keen eye for the facts and a nose for a good story. I am able to write in a broad range of literary styles and have penned two novels including ‘Summit Shock’ based on a true story of a New York female prison officer’s epic 13-year court room battle to prove her employer covered up sex crimes against her.

My short stories have also appeared in American publications such as ‘The Jimston Journal’, ‘Invisible Ink,’ ‘The Secret Attic,’ and ‘The Zip Book.’ Sadly, for reasons unconnected with my own journalistic achievements, my days as a climate correspondent with ‘’ were cut short when the financial backer withdrew from the venture.

However, I see a fresh opportunity to use my recent achievements as a springboard to broaden my output. I would relish the chance to opine eruditely on more diverse issues befitting my Celtic artistic and cultural background, to concern myself with local and national political and social issues as well as the unexpected cornucopia of life’s quirkiest conundrums.

Further examples of my work may be found online at the following links:

‘World’s biggest coal company brings U.S. government to court in climate fraud’

‘Czechgate’  (367,000 Google hits for Czechgate: 0.47 seconds):

My Czechgate revelations inspired leading Czech physicist, Luboš Motl, to re-investigate my findings and thereupon my story was confirmed as a major scoop:

I followed on that success with my article on ‘Australiagate’ (14,300 Google hits for australiagate: 0.34 seconds) 

As well as my article examining the international dimension on prosecuting climate data fraud:

I trust you will wish to meet with me so we can further discuss how I may be a fitting addition to your staff and demonstrate above all, how my versatility of style will meet your key requirement as Feature Writer. Please find attached an up to date C.V. for your use.

Yours truly,

John O’Sullivan

APPENDIX C - Related Articles

Other articles that discuss the misleading claims made by John O'Sullivan can be found at:
- “John O'Sullivan, master manipulator - A Closer Look” ( July 2012, 

- "Affidavits in Michael Mann Libel Suit Reveal Astonishing Facts About Tim Ball Associate John O'Sullivan" ( July 2012.

Appendix D - Update Record

2012-12-09 Added para. 3 to Note 3), extended Note 4), added Notes 4a) and 4b).
2012-12-14 extended Note 4 regarding a retraction of his claim to have been a lecturer at the University of Northampton for 12 years.
2013-01-21 Added information to Section 4 concerning claims by John O'Sulliivan about membership of the New York County Lawyer's Association and to have been a lecturer at the University of Northampton from September 1987 – August 1999.
2013-02-21 Note 4 modified and links provided to further information.
2013-02-28 Note 4b updated.
2013-10-08 Updated Note 3) regarding John O'Sullivan's 2005-2009 involvement with his wife's pro se legal action in the USA.
2013-11-25 Added Note 3a) about John O'Sullivan's "employment" during 2010/2011.
2013-11-27 Added links in Note 2b to articles about John O'Sullivan's claims regarding his Law qualifications and made reference in the "OTHER SKILLS" section to Note 3, Paras. 4 and 5.  Restructured the Appendices.

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